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Fell Madsen lost the woman he’d planned to marry to another man. Quiet, surly and a bit taciturn by nature, Fell is known for his smith work and his size and has no intention of letting himself be fooled with another woman’s promise.

Helen Parrier was abandoned by her husband and managed her three little boys and the traps all winter alone. When spring arrives, everyone descends onto the prairie to trade, barter, and reconnect. Helen knows she has to trade her pelts in order to have a chance at survival. 

When Fell and Helen meet, the attraction is blinding. 
But Fell is still trapped by memories of his former betrothed and Helen’s experiences leave her to believe she’s always the woman left behind.

In the middle of painful revelations and horrifying loss, Fell and Helen struggle to find a way to one another before the ways of the wilderness rips them apart.

The spring rendezvous in 1827 on the prairies of the west is about to be a battle for love and life itself. 

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Jenny Upton has always been unlucky in finding her heart’s desire, looking in all the wrong places. When he

r betrothed sends her home with no prospects, Jenny must make her way back without a soul in the world left to her.

Redmond O’Reilly promised to deliver Jenny home safely, but he didn’t expect her to be tossed into danger along the way. Now it’s up to him to make sure they survive the prairie, though it’s a battle against time and illness the whole way.

Neither Redmond nor Jenny expect to find more than hardship in the tall grasses. Just as their hearts explode with hope, they’re separated by the wildness of the land and misunderstandings so terrifying, they may never find their way back to one another.

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Sarah Curry is widowed, but she has no time to dwell on it. With the Curry West Saloon to run, her niece to watch, and money to make, she has traded an empty bed for hard work. There’s no time for romance, and certainly no time for a second chance at love.

Cull Fitzgerald has been commissioned by his employers to build a trade post in High Platte, Missouri Territory. He’d planned on a promised bride to help him run it, but the deal falls through. Now Cull has to figure out how to find someone trustworthy and strong enough to be a partner in the wilds and his work. A new wife would suffice.

But Cull finds Sarah to be a harder woman to woo than he expects. When Sarah’s niece disappears and mysterious attacks at the Curry West continue, Sarah may have to give in and marry anyway. But marriage doesn’t always fix everything.

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