RE StevensR.E. Stevens (that’s me!) is the author of hot historical romances, and has been previously published in other genres under other names.

I love twisting the genre just a little bit, though of course we always need our happily ever after. But add in a taste of the very real drama, tragedy and roughness of the past? Well, it keeps things a little interesting! My favorite part about writing historical romance is to try and offer a little tidbit of history here and there. If the reader comes away learning something new about the past, plus had fun diving into the story? That’s the best thing in the world!

My days are spent writing and working. I’m married (happily so!) and my husband definitely reads each novel. Because. Ideas.

The first of my spicy western series, Trappers, Traders & Tinkers, came out on December 1 2017. This trilogy focuses on the 1820’s in western America. Buy the first book now!

A second series, Pirates & Whalers, set in the mid 1700’s, should come out by the end of 2018, with a tentative third trilogy set in contemporary Las Vegas in outline.

Thanks for reading!

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