I’ve officially decided I need post-it notes to remember to write sex scenes. Heck, I need post-it notes to remember to discuss the sexual tension between my couples!!  This does not sound like I have a promising career in writing spicy, sexy romance, does it?

But thankfully I DO remember to do it. So it’s in all the books. 🙂 Many, many times. hahaha

This brings the question to light…do people like to just…cut to the chase and have the sex? Or do they need the prologue, the slow, agonizing meandering to sex, the touch and gasp and break apart? Is it yummier to just have passionate sex with lots and lots of moves and positions? Or is it more delightful to have a slow burn with firecrackers that feel like it was worth the wait?

Is this a question of…is foreplay needed? Is it necessary? Or does it depend on your mood? What is your favorite way to fall, gasping, into the sex scenes?

I know mine…a slow burn and then suddenly BAM, the deliciousness comes full force with a lasting taste of forever.

But everyone’s different a little different. So I suppose each romance book can be too!

Back to writing, then.